** Give and get back ten-fold

How many times have we heard that expression throughout our lifetimes.

For me plenty and while I am sure that I have benefited from this advice many times without realizing it, I had an experience the other day that cemented this in stone.

My husband got a call from his mother last week. She was putting out a request to all relatives that she was trying to collect money to establish a fund for her sister, (my husband’s aunt) that is currently living in an assisted living facility.

Judy is another victim of the economy. Another senior that has watched their money dwindle to nothing through little fault of their own. Having failing health issues she has been placed in a facility, and having no money she has been placed in the care of the state.

Judy’s housing needs and food are taken care of. Her medical issues are the management of the facility. However, sometimes Judy would just like to have a little something extra. Maybe a new pair of socks, house slippers, a box of chocolates. The state gives her $50 a month spending money. That’s it, $50. With this $50 she is expected to buy all her toiletries, personal items and needs, clothing and anything else that she may require. I don’t know about you, but the last I checked $50 doesn’t buy much these days.

So she is struggling, struggling to make ends meet, and her sister has stepped up to the plate. She started by calling all of the relatives and asking them to donate just $50 each, luckily this is a nice large family. Judy has 3 sisters and a brother, 2 children of her own and a plethora of grown nieces and nephews. By each family member donating just $50 Judy could have a nice sized account valued in the high $100’s.

We of course willing obliged and promptly sent off our $50.

A few days later something strange happened. My husband was contacted by a cousin that he had not seen or had contact with in over 16 years. This cousin informed him that he wished to pay back a past-due debt that has been bothering him for a very long time.

The amount, $600. Odd, very very odd.


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