** Eating the catch of the day, here in suburbia

Eating the catch of the day-here in suburbia…

okay, I am all about getting the biggest bang for my buck…beating the system, if you will.  So it is just fitting that i like to concentrate my efforts on beating the grocery stores at their own little games.  The less i pay for my groceries the more money i have to spend in other areas that are really more important to me.  (In other words-importance factor:  travel–very very much…food–not so much)…

I have devised my own little system to feed myself and Dave.  (Unfortunately i cannot include my 2 cats in this mix as they are VERY brand loyal and do not wish to participate in any way,  shape or form).

My method:  eating the ‘catch of the day’….   no, i am not talking about fish here, or deer or anything else that happens to run across my path that i can reach out a grab ahold of.  I am referring to grocery store shopping.

The catch comes from the reduced section located within the store itself. You see if you hit it at the right time you can pick up meat, vegetables, dairy and just about any other items that are marked for clearance, most times  for a lot more than just a standard 50% off…sometimes it’s literally pennies on the dollar. By planning my meals around these ‘catches’ i have reduced my grocery budget to practically nil.  Currently we are eating for about $15-20 a week (and that is 3 meals a day people).

Are we deprived?  Not at all…While i am not a meat-eater (Vegan here), Dave does eat meat so our meals usually consist of a meat (whether its red meat, chicken, fish, turkey, etc), a side dish (potatoes, rice, grains etc) and a vegetable (usually fresh if it is avbl) otherwise canned (which of course are stock-piled during loss leader sales).

Which brings me to another savings strategy…loss leaders…being in a small town it is not very difficult to get to the 3 groceries available to grab these super-bargains.  So i stock up when there are items that i will truly use (remember, a sale is not bargain if you aren’t going to use the item to begin with).

My freezer also comes in handy on those days when the bounty is just too much to consume at one time, while helping get us through those ‘lean’ times when i can’t get to the stores for whatever reason.

And that is how i do it,

just like the ‘hunters & gatherer’s’ of our long ago ancestors


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